I’ve been getting some early info on ROCKTUCKET – the Main Street block party on Sunday, Sept. 6, 4 – 11 pm. (No worries. That’s Labor Day weekend, so it’s not a ’school nite’.) There’s more I don’t know than I do, so you’ll just have to wait for more details to roll in.

Main Street will be blocked off, but from where to where I don’t know. Several bands are signed up to play, schedule below. Rain location is the Armory.

Other fun includes Roller Races in the basement of the Grant, 4- 8pm. My intel is that this will use the roller devices from Woolly Fair, but this is pure speculation.

ROCKTUCKET is a bike-forward event, which you know I luuuuurve. First off, there’s a group ride from Providence, which is wikkit smaat, ‘cuz othawise ya get lawst. Nowuddofalie. And when you pedal up to the site, they’ll have valets to park your bike. How cool is that? In addition, there’s a mobile repair clinic. You can ride up with a creaky old rust bucket, and speed away on greased lighting. (Warning: Hyperbole. Not actually true.) Seriously, they’ll get your bike TIGHT.

Also under the bike category, Circuit BMX is hosting their Foot-Down World Championship and a Bunny Hop competition. That little shop has mega-buzz, so I expect the competition to be top-flight. Better get your practice on, little bikey types. Circuit pulled out. :-(

Prolly the biggest deal in this big deal is the presence of Make magazine, the technology innovation magazine and sponsor of Maker Faire, a celebration of invention, self-sufficiency and the de-mystification of technology. Make is using ROCKTUCKET to launch their Rhode Island chapter. Throughout September, they have events and workshops planned here in Pawtucket as well as in Providence. Brian Jepson of Providence Geeks fame, is a big time Maker dude, but I’m not sure how deeply involved he is in this endeavor. Clearly, the Maker movement in this area is inordinately strong. As they say in my trade, we over-index heavily.

Of course, there will be a selection of food and bev – Kafe Lila is right on the strip, Village Restaurant a block below that, plus other vendors like Tina’s Caribbean, Mice Slice, Trinity Brewhouse, Narragansett Beer and Harpoon Brewery. Plus something called Hewtin’s Dogs by Chez Pascal (that fancy French place at the top of Hope St). Haute cuisine hot dogs? Um……..k.

Galleries will be going, too. Machines with Magnets is hosting Schwa Design’s Schwalteregos, and Flying Shuttles presents POP: Art Inspired by Music.

Line Up

4:00 – Girl Haggard (ironical sh1t-kickers w/ 401 Local’s John Hunter on drums)

4:45 – Wrong Reasons

5:45 – Chachi (soulful rap w/ highly musical music)

6:45 – Strange Famous Records showcase w/ B. Dolan and Sage Francis

7:45 – Big Digits (nerdy rappers from Boston)

8:30 – Javelin

9:15 – Sensitive Hearts

10:00 – Chinese Stars (edgy post-pop)

Thereafter – DJ dance party

That’s all I know for sure right now. Check back for more info as the date approaches. (Please any other info you have to speck22 AT gmail DOT com.)

One Response to “ROCKTUCKET! (Early Info)”
  1. J Hogue says:

    Some more info here, though not too much ahs changed since you posted this:

    Circuit had to back out, which is sad, since Vic is going to a big deal bike thing somewhere else (I forget where). Tom Gomes will still be representing Recycle-a-Bike in some capacity, though.

    Oh, and unlike Foo Fest, we will be sure to give Chachi a nice long set.