If you didn’t see J’s comment from two posts back, highchair designhaus is hosting an events calendar of their own creation. It’s called Live Pawtucket, and the brand name seems to play the ambiguity between “live” as in “I live in Pawtucket” and “live” as in “live, on stage”. Fully built out, it will pull in RSS feeds and automatically populate the map. Until then, send them your events manually. Click the “Contact” link upper right, or email them an event.

So how is that “New on The Bucket Blog”? It’s in the (fairly) newly gussied up blogroll section. See? Right there in the Pawtucket Resources section?

What’s really new (like, five minutes ago) is the collection of customize Google Maps, including the one of downtown historic buildings that J made. You’ll also note there’s now a “Downtown Circulator Explained” map that I’ve just started. I tried several attempts at a single, holistic explanation, but that’s simply beyond me. Instead, I’ve plotted specific routes through the Circulator. I started with some of the more challenging or common. Read the directions. Truly, this makes the head swim.

One Response to “New on The Bucket Blog”
  1. J Hogue says:

    Thanks for the plub, Speck. BTW: Coming soon on August 5th there will be an open public discussion about traffic patterns in the City, esp. the changes we are to expect from the DOT demo of the 95 bridge starting as soon as Jan 2010.

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Circulator lately, and standing on the corner of Roosevelt and Main, looking at at the East Ave/High Street/Main Street intersection, I have concluded that the Circulator itself works well. The problem is that there is no signage for newbies. When new people get trapped, they really get trapped by it. Bu when I was standing there, about 4:30 on a Friday, the traffic – presumably locals – flowed smoothly. In fact, it was hard for me to imagine Main Street as a two-way, further complicating the intersection there, not to mention an intersection further up (Broad St and Main and North Union) that would be even more complex if traffic were to be two-way.

    In short, the biggest complaint I have heard is that people from the East Side coming to the Grant don’t know to park until they pass it. Once they pass it, though, they have missed the parking. Normally, if you want to circle the block, you take a right. Well, the main problem with the circulator is that it veers left. Always left. If the signage was better and prepared people for a left, things would be better. It might also be better if the East Ave Extension from Main to George Street were converted to be two-way. But that might be a topic for the meeting on August 5th.

    So the few of you who care can start staring at maps of Downtown, the main problem that DOT presented to the City is what to do with traffic if they need to close off Pleasant St and the Roosevelt Ave Extension, either one at a time or both in some cases. Those two roadways under the Division Street bridge will be very important for people trying to get from the north and through the City to the East Side by avoiding the highway.

    In short… go to the meeting. This construction is going to impact the City for the next 3-5 years. Any changes they make to the roads now will be hard to change back. Better still, if twe help them find the RIGHT changes to make, they can become permanent.