This is a really quick update to let you know about two significant additions to the Pawtucket Now community wiki:

First, we have a Neighborhood Map. There’s a screen-grab on the Neighborhood Page, but the live map is on Google Maps. Use the Discussion tab on the wiki page to dispute the boundaries. There already is a challenge to the definition of Pleasant View, so have at. We’ll get it worked out in time.

Also, we have a map of Councilmanic Districts. Again, screen-grab on the City Council page and the live map on Google. Not a lot of dispute here, but I think it’s significant. I’ve been asking about that map since, oh, early 2006.

I’ve said it before – we’re going to have to do all of this ourselves. The city either cannot or will not do these kinds of things, and I’m sick of asking. We could be done if we’d started in 2006.

Lastly, I point you to the Getting Around page which is becoming a section. This may be my great gift to the city of Pawtucket – a truly usable guide to travel in The Getting Lost Capital of the Universe. There’s now a Travel by Car page (incomplete but on its way) and a whole page devoted to Main Street (also still in the works).

(Note to the City: when you need a whole wiki page plus an annotated Google Map to explain Main Street, perhaps there’s some re-thinking that needs to happen.)

Nuff said.

4 Responses to “New on”
  1. Jason says:

    this is awesome John! I’m curious, what is the challenge to the definition of Pleasant View? the map shown corresponds with my understanding of the area..

    Looks like I live in Quality Hill which is what Jen & I have been thinking all along.

  2. Frymaster says:

    If you go to the wiki page, click on the Discussion tab at the top of the page. Your awesome almost-neighbor Pam says that PV ends at Industrial Hwy. She got that from Planning.

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the maps, I get the neighborhoods much better. Trying to tune my buddy at PHA on to the Bucket Blog and Pawtucket Now. All good stuff.

  4. J Hogue says:

    I’m gonna check this out in a major way, John, and maybe even “borrow” (cross-link) some of the content. I recently launched which is only an event calendar right now. Eventually, I’d like to fufill the “live” portion more (instead of live, long i) by offering maps of restaurants and such… maybe this needs to be a collaboration?

    By the way, here is one of my Google maps that you might want to use… All the properties in the downtown that are listed on the National Register.