Rest assured, my dear The Bucket, that yours truly is working the beat.

Item: Film in Production
While Underdog is getting all the ink (and generally effing up life in Prov or so I’ve heard), only The Bucket Blog will tell you that a film is currently in production in Pawtucket and Westerly.

Entitled Pretty Dead Things, this is the second film shot in Pawtucket by Scorpio Film Productions. Writer/director Richard Griffin (lower left of photo) grew up in Rhode Island.

The film is scheduled to debut in October (duh), and will premier in Westerly.

Item: Jacs to Open 5/18
The gods of cuisine have smiled on The Bucket, and only TBB knows it. Jacs Wraps, in a converted gas station at 385 East Ave, is scheduled to open for deliveries and take out this Thursday, May 18th (and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…)

As it turns out, that is our host, Ameth who lives in CF, painting late that Saturday night when I snapped a shot for this story. Perhaps the compact menu I have is not the final, but it appears this august organ of truth has erred yet again. I see no falafel as we reported here. C’est la guerre.

(ps. veggie empanadas — $1.99)

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